I am Delcy Aynedjian, designer and founder of Delcy.

After a long career in interior architecture, I decided to pursue my passion for designing timeless jewelry made with the finest materials.

Growing up in my father’s workshop and watching him craft the most beautiful pieces of jewelry has influenced me greatly. By building my brand and with every crafted piece I can breathe new life into the same workshop that my father has spent decades in, with his working tables and tools, marked with years of his hard work.

My collections are influenced by a principle of architecture that focuses on functionality beyond aesthetics. Each item is simple, light and modern but also has movement, versatility, and room for customization.

I believe that every piece of jewelry comes with an emotional connection with its wearer. This is why I create pieces that are easy to wear, that can become an essential part of your everyday look.

A lot of attention goes into the details of every piece, from my first design sketches to the moment they leave our workshop. This is why I get great pleasure to see these pieces loved and worn by men and women of all ages from around the world.

Thank you for choosing Delcy.

Delcy Aynedjian